Westshore Spring Club


Westshore Basketball is pleased to announce our exciting new partnership with South Vancouver Island Basketball Association.Since its inception in 1986, the SVIBA has grown to include spring leagues, all-star games, spring camps, coaches clinics and summer select traveling teams.

Westshore Director and Belmont High School coach Brad Lidstone has worked with the SVI girls summer program for the last 3 years. Players from the Westshore program are invited to attend SVI girls programs. In addition, coaches from SVI will attend Westshore Basketball Events and Camp.

Below is a copy of a letter outlining the program SVI Girls basketball offers as well as the 114 players who have played SVI and gone on to play basketball at the Post-Secondary Level.

Stay tuned for more exciting announcements about Girls and Boys basketball on the Westshore!

The Rise of Summer Basketball in Victoria

When former UCLA All-American and Denver Nugget star forward Kiki Vandeweghe was asked one year why he did not have a dark tan after spending the summer back at his California home he replied, “There is no sunlight in the gym.”

That answer may explain why many basketball players in the Victoria area go back to school each September looking extremely pale. For the keen players who want to focus on developing their basketball skills, they can find year-round basketball opportunities through the South Vancouver Island Basketball Association’s programs.

Working in a partnership with the Vancouver Island Basketball Association, the SVIBA offers more diverse opportunities for more players than any other regional club program in the province. Since its inception in 1986, the SVIBA has grown to include spring leagues, all-star games, spring camps, coaches clinics and summer select travelling teams. During the 2013 spring and summer months, over 400 players and coaches participated in these programs.

The original goal of the SVIBA program was to provide local players with the opportunity to stay in shape and to keep their skills sharp prior to attending provincial team camps. The backbone of the SVIBA program has become the Run and Gun Spring League which includes divisions for boys and girls in grades six to university graduates. Participants play once each week on teams composed of players from different schools with the goal of allowing kids to play without many restrictions. This past spring 150 girls played on 12 teams in three divisions with more players expected to play this year…

For our local graduating players, SVIBA offers the annual Vancouver Island Seniors Classic which matches the top Victoria area grade 12 players against those from the North Island in boys and girls all-star games. This series has become the province’s premier high-school seniors showcase every year and includes two boys’ games and one girls game each year with the 27th edition to be played Saturday, March 28, 2015, at the Spectrum School Old Gym.

Perhaps the highest profile program under the SVIBA banner has become the FAB 50 Select Camp held every April. Coaches nominate players to be invited to attend this camp which features instruction from local coaches, competitions and guest presentations from B. C.’s top university coaches, including Scott Reeves of Thompson Rivers University, Bruce Langford of Simon Fraser University and Deb Huband of University of B. C. At the conclusion of this camp, touring select teams are chosen to represent the South Island area in various tournaments throughout the summer. The SVIBA offers as many as six girls’ summer select teams – Youth for grades 6-7, Development for grades 7-8, Junior for grades 8-9, Midget for girls in grade 8, Senior for grades 9-11 and Juvenile for grades 9-11.

This past summer the SVIBA Junior and Development Girls Selects travelled to Burnaby and Nanaimo for tournaments. The SVIBA Youth and Development teams both made their annual trip to a tournament also held in Burnaby. The SVIBA Juvenile Girls Selects made their annual trip to tournaments in Vancouver, Oregon City and Seattle. This coming summer the Juvenile team will again travel down the West Coast to play in tournaments held in Vancouver, Oregon City and Seattle.

The SVIBA girls teams also combine to host the annual Island Summer Shootout Tournament in late May which has become one of the province’s most competitive club tournaments with 20 girls club and university women’s teams from B. C. taking part last spring and the Canadian Summer Tipoff Tournament in late June which last year included 10 teams from B. C.

The rise of these basketball opportunities for players in the Victoria area has coincided with the increase of success during the subsequent school season. Last season once again saw Victoria high-school girls teams qualify for the senior girls AAA, AA, A and junior girls provincial championship tournaments.

Victoria teams can expect continued success during the high-profile school season as long as their players continue to develop and to work on their skills rather than their tans during the warm summer months.

The following list includes girls who have played in the SVIBA Summer Select program and gone on to play university or college basketball:

Marnie Dangerfield – St. Margaret’s – Brandon University

Jenna McMath – Belmont – Camosun College

Rachel Sexton – Lambrick Park – University of Victoria

Jenny Mann – Lambrick Park – University of B. C.

Andrea Tomcyzk – Lambrick Park – University of B. C.

Lisa Craig – Cowichan – University of Alberta

Georgina Newell – Oak Bay – University of Calgary

Ann Meijer – Belmont – Camosun College

Tricia Booth – Mount Douglas – Camosun College

Kate Green – Saint Michael’s – Fraser Valley College

Stephanie Hart – Mount Douglas – Camosun College

Kim Oslund – Spectrum – University of Victoria

Christine Rigby – Spectrum – University of Connecticut

Lindsay Brooke – Spectrum – University of Victoria

Joanna Holdsworth – Saint Michael’s – University of Victoria

Krista Hall – Oak Bay – Saint Mary’s-California

Karen Edgell – Saint Michael’s – Simon Fraser University

Carli Halpenny – Lambrick Park – University of Washington

Ella Kinloch – Mount Douglas – University of Calgary

Deanna Age – Saint Michael’s – University of Alaska-Fairbanks

Kerrie Johnson – Spectrum – Camosun College

Lindsay McDonald – Oak Bay – University of Victoria

Emily Vucic – Spectrum – Camosun College

Janelle Turner – Lambrick Park – Camosun College

Erin Smith – Lambrick Park – Camosun College

Carla Delisle – Stelly’s – Camosun College

Angela Kendall – Mount Douglas – Camosun College

Chantal Fabre – Spectrum – Camosun College

Kim Lobb – Saint Michael’s – University of Victoria

Lindsay Anderson – Mount Douglas – University of Victoria

Courtenay Parks – Port Alberni – Camosun College

Jen Diana – Mount Douglas – University of Victoria

Crystal O’Byrne – Saint Michael’s – University of Victoria

Lindsay Cox – Cowichan – University of B. C.

Ursula Andiel – Mount Douglas – Fraser Valley College

Lindsay Strickland – Belmont – Fraser Valley College

Allison Moore – Mount Douglas – Malaspina College

Melissa Chancey – Claremont – Capilano College

Melissa Edwards – Lambrick Park – University of Victoria

Melissa Seymour – Mount Douglas – Camosun College

Cara Allan – Dover Bay – Malaspina College

Jen Loraas-Pletsch – Oak Bay – University of Lethbridge

Janet Collier – Oak Bay – Camosun College

Jen Wiertz – Mount Douglas – Camosun College

Kellee Brown – Spectrum – Camosun College

Tina Pulez – Claremont – Camosun College

Kate Young – Mount Douglas – McGill University

Lindsay Hewson – Mount Douglas – University of Victoria

Aimee Faulk – Esquimalt – University of Victoria

Tina Lum – Lake Cowichan – University of B. C.

Letah Beck – Cowichan – University of B. C.

Glenyss Weeks – Pac. Christian – Trinity Western University

Brianna Payne – Belmont – Fraser Valley College

Kathleen Wirtanen – Mount Douglas – Douglas College

Kathryn Watson – Saint Michael’s – University of Lethbridge

Beckie MacDonald – Saint Michael’s – University of Victoria

Stephanie Brown – Mount Douglas – Camosun College

Kealy Thomson – Oak Bay – Camosun College

Rhianna Haley – Esquimalt – Camosun College

Darlana Withers – Reynolds – St. Francis Xavier University

Alicia Rose – Belmont – Camosun College

Cait Haggarty – Mount Douglas – University of B. C.

Rachel Griffin – Mount Douglas – University of Victoria

Tory McGroarty – Mount Douglas – University of Victoria

Lindsay DeLeeuw – Stelly’s – University of Winnipeg

Sarah McKay – Stelly’s – University of Indiana

Niki Hodgkinson – Oak Bay – University of Victoria

Claire McEwen – Oak Bay – Camosun College

Alea Beaumont – Spectrum – Columbia Bible College

Hana Holland – Belmont – Camosun College

Heidi Padjen – Lake Cowichan – University of Victoria

Jayne Ducker – St. Margaret’s – Camosun College

Jaclyn Flaten – Saint Michael’s – Malaspina College

Natalie Doma – Mount Douglas – Idaho State University

Kali Ellis – Mount Douglas – Thompson Rivers University

Lane Douglas-Hunt – Lambrick Park – Capilano College

Ashley Mackay – Claremont – University of Manitoba

Sarah Darley – Mount Douglas – Thompson Rivers University

Montanna Dunmore – Claremont – University of B. C.

Ashley Yee – Claremont – University of Victoria

Breanne Fair – Ladysmith – Malaspina College

Amy Burton – Spectrum – Malaspina College

Sarah Adair – Saint Michael’s – St. Francis Xavier

Kendall Allen – Lambrick Park – Camosun College

Felicia Ash – Spectrum – Camosun College

Becky Acheson – Gulf Islands – Camosun College

Jill Proudfoot – Oak Bay – Camosun College

Maggie Williams – Stelly’s – Camosun College

Melissa Irish – Stelly’s – UBC-Okanagan

Chelsea Beaumont – Spectrum – Fraser Valley University

Carmen Lapthorne – Mount Douglas – University of Victoria

Jess Hickey – Oak Bay – Camosun College

Teresa Hartrick – Claremont – Camosun College

Anna Carolsfeld – Esquimalt – Simon Fraser University

Christine Ireland – Stelly’s – Camosun College

Carly Hopp – Oak Bay – Camosun College

Kymber Gale – Lambrick Park – Camosun College

Lauryn Kerr – Saint Michael’s – Camosun College

Kelsey Evans – Spectrum – Camosun College

Amy Tai – Belmont – Camosun College

Niki Lukat – Claremont – Camosun College

Meghan Carr – Spectrum – Briercrest Bible College

Haley Carmichael – Belmont – Camosun College

Rachel Carlson – Spectrum – Camosun College

Ella Goldschmid – Mount Douglas – Camosun College

Brianne Larson – Cowichan – Camosun College

Melissa Van Dyk – Claremont – Camosun College

Marina Low – Spectrum – Camosun College

Julia Murray – Mount Douglas – Camosun College

Emily Frame – Oak Bay – Camosun College

Emma Cunningham – Spectrum – Camosun College

Kate Service – Parkland – Camosun College

Kelly Young – Oak Bay – Camosun College

Kristy Gallagher – Parkland – University of Victoria


Run and Gun Spring League – Junior Girls / Senior Girls / Open Women Divisions
-Wednesday, March 25 – registration night
-the league continues the next six Wednesday nights at Spectrum School

27th Vancouver Island Seniors Classic All-Star Games (graduating grade 12s)
-Saturday, March 28, 2015, at Spectrum School Old Gym

22nd Annual FAB 50 Selects Girls Invitational Camp
-Saturday – Sunday, April 25-26 at Spectrum School Old and New Gyms

24th Annual Island Summer Shootout Tournament for Girls
-Saturday, May 23-24 at Spectrum School Old and New Gyms

19th Annual Can-Am Island Summer Challenge
-Saturday – Sunday, June 27-28 at Spectrum School Old and New Gyms

** For information regarding any of the above listed programs or events, please contact
Brett Westcott (H: 250-388-9807, FAX: 250-388-9507, EMAIL: westcott@shaw.ca)